What to expect on your
first dental visit?


First, you will receive a reminder via email and text one week prior to your appointment, and again two days prior to your appointment. Please confirm by responding as instructed so that we can properly prepare our dentist office for you. Also, please note that you can set your communication preferences by letting us know whether you would prefer email, text or phone calls.

New Patient Forms

Our goal at Gentle Dental is to provide everyone affordable dental care. That’s why our policy is to work with you to make payments that best suit your needs. Our dental offices accept most insurance plans including our own Smile Plan, which offers significant savings, and we offer flexible payment options. The professional office staff at Gentle Dental is trained in all of our payment options and will help you to get the dental care that you need and want.

Adult New Patient Form (English)
Adult New Patient Form (Spanish)
Child New Patient Form (English)
Child New Patient Form (Spanish)

Digital X-Rays

Your first visit at a Gentle Dental near you will typically include full-mouth digital x-rays. Digital x-rays not only provide a better quality image for examination but are more comfortable for you and provide very low radiation exposure. A lead apron is always provided for further protection.

For non-digital locations: Your first visit will typically full-mouth x-rays. Exposure to radiation is minimal and a lead apron is always provided for protection.

Comprehensive Exam

The doctor will then review your x-rays and conduct a comprehensive exam, checking not only your teeth and gums but also looking for signs of any underlying health issues. Our priority is your oral health and overall wellbeing. Our dentists are professionally trained and their work is periodically peer reviewed to make sure they are not over or under diagnosing treatment.

Review With Doctor

Once the exam is completed the doctor will discuss any findings with you and recommend the appropriate cleaning or treatment that may be needed, along with cosmetic or emergency options. He/She will let you know what is urgent and what can wait or is purely discretionary. Please feel free to ask questions and let the doctor know what concerns you may have. If questions come to mind after your visit, the doctor is always available to discuss them with you via phone or appointment.

Treatment Plan Coordination

After you have discussed your options with the doctor, you will be scheduled for hygiene (i.e. a cleaning). Wherever possible, we will try to do the cleaning the same day. If treatment is recommended you will also met with one our Treatment Coordinators. Our Treatment Coordinators are specialists in helping you finalize your treatment plan and assisting you in taking full advantage of your insurance benefits, our affordable discount plans, any available promotions, and financing options, if needed. He/She is your advocate to ensure you get the treatment you want at the lowest possible out-of-pocket cost to you.

Follow Up

At Gentle Dental “We build relationships for life” and are committed to giving you excellent dental care and a great patient experience. After your visit you will receive a follow-up message including an invitation to respond to a one-question survey. We encourage you to use it to provide your honest feedback and to contact us directly if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing Gentle Dental.